Sunday, January 27, 2013

INTRO To: ThomAndThePugs and Phoenix Fitness TM - Thom Seehafer, Persona...

Thom Seehafer:

I am a personal trainer and chef in Colorado Springs, CO. My business, PHOENIX FITNESS is also linked to my new blog and business concept, "Thom And The Pugs", where my 4 pugs are an integral part of my business and life.

A major part of my business is accomplished at my home fitness training facility in N. Colorado Springs, CO just off N. Academy and Lehman. With a large space dedicated to fitness training for people of all ages, shapes and abilities, my center has it all.

Included in what it offered are also the following:

1.) The BioMat far infrared therapy system. I utilize the healing power of this amazing machine as well as offer them for sale to my clients and the general public.
2.) The Alkaline Water system, which purifies, ionize and alkalized water for better hydration, improvement in body toxicity and many health disorders, and for other household puposes.
3.) The WHOLE BODY Vibration system designed to improve core strength and body systems integrity and function, detoxification, deep massage, and so much more.

CALL, EMAIL or VISIT MY WEB SITE for more information, details, and schedule your free, no-obligation tour and trials today!

Yours in health, Thom Seehafer
(719) 930-6365 |

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