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Client Participation in Weight Loss Programs - The Quick-Fix Mentality Vs Individual Responsibility.

Sitting up late, my mind working, I decided it was a good time to write on a topic that so many people I know need to understand - the need for individual responsibility in the success of any weight loss or general health program. I refer to customers, clients, colleagues, friends. Anyone who will take the time to listen and understand what I am trying to convey. This is not a scientific text or thesis; I am just presenting some thoughts to be considered based on my experience as a CEO and counselor. I do believe that anyone reading this will "get it." You are all very intelligent and I believe in you and your ability to affect amazing, positive change in your own life.


Client Participation in Weight Loss Programs - The Quick-Fix Mentality Vs Individual Responsibility.

By Daniel C RiedelArticle Word Count:2185

Time and time again, people who are looking to make changes in their personal lives always seem to look first for answers that offer a fast change, with little effort. This seems to be the norm for the society we now live in. And no industry better shows this than the weight loss industry - the industry that drives a majority of my business and that of many people I know.
So why is it so important to lose fat and body weight as fast as possible? And why do so many people fall for this way of thinking? Finally, why do the same people experience this over, and over, and over again, ending up in dead-end dieting, miserable, tired, and in many cases worse off than they were before? It is first necessary to consider a little history.
Many years ago, before the advent of fast foods, 10 hour work days, and crushing debt, people had it good. Many studies indicate that the changes that have taken place in the last 50 years have led to the current state of human obesity.
Fresh foods from the farm have been replaced by boxed and canned meals easily heated in microwaves. Natural remedies to help with health issues and the symptoms that come from them have been replaced by an onslaught of drugs and unnatural substances. Walking and playing outside have been replaced by the use of a car to go everywhere, and sofas provide the backdrop for entertainment provided by televisions.
The media and large corporations are partly to blame. Also to blame is the complacency of the average person, who has allowed these things to happen.
The result is a change in daily human life that has led to obesity, increased mental and emotional issues never seen before, and health problems that keep us all paying a hefty sum.
Media and corporate greed drive what we see every day. We are fed on a steady diet of commercials and programs - we are "programmed" every second of every day, no matter what we are doing. This programming is a fundamental element in how we are shaped for the culture that we live in. We are shown what clothes to wear, what food to eat, what car to drive, what will make us happy, what will make us upset... what will determine the course of our lives.
And then one evening, like this evening, you sit up late as I am, and you have an awareness of WHAT the problems are. You have an awareness of what the truth is in everything around you. And possibly you just take it as it is and go to bed. Or, you ask yourself that age old question "what does it all mean?" Or, you suddenly decide to do something about it by consciously deciding to figure it out, because you know the truth is going to be difficult to find, but better than what you now realize is not the reality you want to be a part of.
For the person who is hypothetically now 40 years old, with some gray hair showing, some fat around the midsection, a degree of debt that weighs on the mind, and numerous other nagging issues, it can be a wakeup call signaling a time to make profound changes in one's life.
You've been programmed... taught... indoctrinated... and now part of a system that will potentially determine the rest of your life. Or, you have a choice to seek out alternatives.
So back to the question; Why the rush to lose weight and make abrupt changes in your daily routine? And why has this not worked before, leading you to repeat old behaviors, only to gain weight back, fall back into old habits, and repeat the same mistakes?
Weight gain and weight loss is a perfect metaphor for all the other things in your life that change and then return to where they were before. Losing weight and regaining it, over and over again, signals that the CAUSE of the issue has not been corrected, and that focus has been placed on the wrong thing.
In all the ads we see - the television shows, the radio programs, the displays in stores, and so much more, we are indoctrinated to desire immediate gratification. What this means to the overweight individual is that they have been taught to look to a scale as their physical guide that something truly has changed. The same person has also been taught that happiness will be realized once the numbers on the scale go down. Just look at the many commercials and ads that show a very happy, thin woman or man looking at a scale while holding some food item. Don't you want to be happy like they are?
This person has essentially been taught that something outside of them is going to be the answer. They are never taught - or at least in a very limited sense - that they have full control over their own individual outcomes and that correcting their own behavior will not only correct the issues they perceive they have, but will lead to long-term resolution of the issues they believe they have, and ultimately lead to an optimum body and fulfilled lives.
Weight loss clients are the focus of this article, but again, such a client is a perfect metaphor for all the other issues that plague people these days. So, elaboration on weight loss will dominate the remainder of this article.
Instant gratification, at any price, dominates the weight loss industry (and all others the same). Weight loss products promise overnight results that will meet the expectations of the consumer. Many of these products claim to deliver these results without the consumer having to "change anything about their daily lives"... where have we heard that line before? I believe most every weight loss commercial ever put on television or in print.
The same goes for popular diets such as the CG Diet, Atkins diet, South beach diet, and so many others. Indeed weight loss clients are presented with fat loss systems that aim to correct the issue and give them the optimum body they have been looking for, and indeed the CG Diet and other medically based diets do help the body lose weight effectively as a solution for the body, but when it's all said and done, the client who has lost weight then has to decide what the next steps will be, and this is where so many programs and products go wrong.
Products are designed as tools to help facilitate positive change, ALONG WITH lifestyle modification!
Every purchaser of weight loss and fat loss products is responsible for playing a part in correcting the issue they are using the products for. Take energy supplements for example. A weight loss clinic offers to their suffering client several options to improve energy in the body. The client reports they are suffering because they have a full-time job, several kids, the stress of being overweight, and multiples of other issues. They appear tired, speak in depressed tones, and show all the signs that they are not performing up to their full potential.
The weight loss client is then presented with solutions. One - the can use an energy pill that has a base of herbal ingredients, stimulants such as caffeine or geranium, appetite reducers such a chromium, and other ingredients that cause a feeling of having more energy. These pills are designed give a quick, yet short-term solutions to the weight loss clients' energy needs.
Two - the client can be presented with a product that had stimulants in it, but also uses natural ingredients that naturally enhance the body's metabolism, and therefore improve energy in the body, but still for a short time.
Three - the client is presented with an optimum body program that is designed to correct and balance the many glands and organs in the body that regulate hormones and vital chemicals that have a direct relationship to fat metabolism, energy output, and neurological regulation. These products help the body naturally go into balance, and the result is improvement in natural energy, fat metabolism, mental clarity, and many of the other factors that the client is suffering from.
Which product is more effective? Commercials, ads and endorsements would have one believe the stimulant-based energy supplement is the answer, delivering what the clients wants, WHEN they want it. But is this responsible behavior on the part of the provider AND the purchaser of the product? Is the client in essence just being indoctrinated into participation in the quick-fix mentality?
The obvious solution is the product and program that aims to CORRECT the cause of low energy, fatigue, low libido, moodiness, AND abnormal fatty weight gain. One cannot have an optimum body without correcting the cause of the issues being presented. Anything other than correction is simply perpetuating the weight loss and weight gain cycle experienced by so many return customers. An optimum body, with optimum energy and neurological health and stability, requires not only a product that is designed to CORRECT the underlying cause of the issues at hand, but also the active participation of the client.
The quick-fix mentality drives the weight loss and nutritional supplement industries. Clients who jump from one product to the next, and then back again, do create revenue for business. And it is a fact that programs that involve the use of weight loss products in combination with client involvement and responsibility always seem to work better than the product used alone.
It is hard to find products that are the solution, without client participation and education. It is important that the product be designed to facilitate the correction of the underlying cause of weight gain and low energy in clients, and that the program be presented in a fashion that educates and empowers the client to be a part of their own health improvement program.
Dead end dieting and improper product usage is the result of the quick-fix, feel-it-now mentality so many people are tied to. Referring back to stimulant based energy supplements, people who like them do so because they feel something right away, and this tells them the product is doing what it has promised, and is therefore what they must need. Products and programs designed to correct do so over time, in a safe and responsible fashion. And the result of the latter is that clients are more successful in meeting their long-term health goals.
However, more people than not subscribe to the feel-it-now, quick-fix solution to body issues.
I have often spoken to clients with large amounts of body fat they want to eliminate. They ask me if the products can be shipped overnight because they want to start right away, and that they need to lose weight fast.
While talking with these clients, I find out that many have held fat weight for decades. They eat the same foods, participate in family events, drink alcohol, sit at desks, and get no exercise. And after decades of this, they NEED to get the product shipped to them overnight because they have to lose the weight fast.
This is the problem. It takes time to create the problem, and it takes time to fix the problem. However, programming tells us that the solution can be had quickly, with a small pill, and no change in one's lifestyle.
For the consumer reading this article, I do believe you will understand what is being conveyed. Look for products that facilitate healing and correction. Look for programs that include these products, along with help and instruction. Why? We all need help to see what we do not see, and to make changes that will be the key to long-term success in weight loss, improved energy, improved daily functioning, mental clarity, and so many other body solutions you are looking for. But please let me be clear, it takes time, effort, and individual responsibility and participation to get the most from any product and program you are using. You can have the optimum body you are looking for!
For clinics, stores and centers providing weight loss products and programs, and offering services to help people correct that many issues they perceive they are afflicted with choose products wisely! There are many wholesale providers of wholesale supplements such as wholesale homeopathic oral sprays like b12 and popular fast weight loss product, energy supplements, sexual enhancement products, vitamins... you name it. Find a wholesale company what provides you with the highest quality products that aim to correct the issues in the body that lead to conditions such as obesity, sexual dysfunction, low natural energy, neurological health, lean tissue and muscle degeneration, and the like. Look for companies that product their products in FDA rated labs, follow good manufacturing practices, and are members of accrediting bodies.
Good luck to anyone who is reading this article. My purpose is to educate and enlighten not only those around me, but myself. Helping people is what our personal lives, and companies, are all about.


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